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Mile 8 Utilities LLC (Settler's Bay Water)

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Payment Drop box at 5715 S. Settler's Bay Dr.

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Most recent Water Quality Report

(2018 report will be released June 2019)

How to Pay Your Invoice:

  • Secure drop box located outside of the Old Knik Post Office Building (5715 S. Settlers Bay Dr.) 
  • Mail with self-addressed  envelope
  • Enroll in bill pay with your financial


  • ​In person by request​

Mile 8 does not accept credit cards at this time

Yearly maintenance of hydrants beginning week of August 5. Temporary discoloration of water may be experienced during this time, but should not last long.

​​​​​​​Mile 8 Utilities LLC is the provider of water and sewer services in the Settler's Bay Subivision, Wasilla, Alaska. 

Customer service: 907-376-5271 or 907-745-1976

Billing questions: 907-343-1622 or

​EMERGENCY LINE: 907-715-7875