​​​​​​​Mile 8 Utilities LLC is the provider of water and sewer services in the Settler's Bay Subivision, Wasilla, Alaska. 

Customer service: 907-376-5271 or 907-745-1976

Billing questions: 907-343-1622 or


​EMERGENCY LINE: 907-715-7875

Most recent Water Quality Report

(2018 report will be released June 2019)

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Mile 8 Utilities LLC (Settler's Bay Water)

Payment Drop box at 5715 S. Settler's Bay Dr.

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How to Pay Your Invoice:

  • Secure drop box located outside of the Old Knik Post Office Building (5715 S. Settlers Bay Dr.) 
  • Mail with self-addressed  envelope
  • Enroll in bill pay with your financial


  • ​In person by request​

Mile 8 does not accept credit cards at this time